30 effetti per Photoshop

Gli effetti per Photoshop non bastano mai:

1 – Using Ink Drops In Your Compositions

2- Fairy Night Eye

3 – Making Your Image Look Awesome With A Few Light Effects

4 – Composing With Adjustment Layer

5 – Add A Sparkle Trail To Your Photo

6 – Adding Light Streaks To A Photo

7 – Make Perfume Commercial

8 – Colorful Picture Style

9 – Electrifying Energy Beams

10 – The Little Mermaid Photo Effects

11 – Coldplay/Apple Style Portrait

12 – The Making Of Mystic

13 – Photo Editing/Retouching

14 – Blue Glow Dreaming Portrait

15 – Fire Lines Tutorial

16 – Creating Light Motion Trails & Motion Sparks

17 – Lighting Effects In Photoshop

18 – Sin City Photo Effect

19 – Creating A Vector Composite Effect From A Photo

20 – Photo To Pencil Sketch

21 – Creating your Own Fairytale Scene

22 – Giving A Mafia-Look To A Business Photo

23 – Dirty Grunge Poster

24 – A Rather Different Photo Collage

25 – Urban-Style Piece Of Artwork

26 – The Ocean Girl Photo Effect

27 – The Guitar Photo Effect

28 – Make Photos Sparkle

29 – Good And Evil Photo Effect

30 – Desaturated “Gothic” Look



8 thoughts on “30 effetti per Photoshop

  1. marco B scrive:

    vorrei sapere se ci sono dei Tutorial in italiano per usare Photoshop al meglissimo (lo so che non esiste la parola 😄 )! ^_^

  2. Mara scrive:

    complimenti davvero un bel blog!
    Anche io adoro la grafica e in particolare Photoshop.
    Se ti va di passare a sbirciare (www.graficomnia.com)

    un saluto

  3. tukaram scrive:

    cool one
    i like it

  4. ASIF HANIF scrive:

    very good tutorials in this i m impressed this pics designer

  5. jeff scrive:

    its owesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jeff scrive:

    more…more…more photoshop tutorial…..
    this is freak!!
    so nice!!!!!!

  7. KaRma scrive:

    Wow, your work its awesome, I love it!!

  8. Charlie Pryor scrive:

    Some great photo’s and effects. Awesome work! It gives me inspiration. Thank you!


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